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Progressive Web Application Angular Video Tutorial LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda com

The reality, however, is that CSR apps can be – and are – crawled and indexed by search engines, and Googlebot is currently the best among them at processing a Client-Side rendered JavaScript. Progressive Web Apps can be indexed just like any other web page, although the techniques used to ensure that the search engines see and understand your website’s content will be different. We all know how a website works—the codebase is stored on a server, and any person can access it via their browser by typing in the domain name or direct IP address. For instance, Uber’s rapid expansion into new markets demanded a fast, device-agnostic ride-hailing application that worked well regardless of location. Progressive Web Apps have a major advantage over both apps or websites — enabling potential customers to add your PWA to their Home screen directly from the browser.

progressive web apps tutorial

Service workers are essentially scripts that run in the background to perform tasks that don’t require user interaction. This frees up the main app for your users while the service worker takes care of the boring stuff. The app should display some content even if JavaScript is disabled. This prevents users from seeing a blank page if their internet connection is bad or if they are using an older browser. To get the most out of this tutorial you should be familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you can code a web page and use plain-vanilla JavaScript to add some interactivity you should be able to follow along.


Below are some key principles that developers follow when creating a PWA. Service workers are relatively independent and fairly influential elements of your PWA. They act as a delegate between the browser and the network. All in all, one can think of a service worker as a blueprint for an architectural project. You create a detailed foundation that will be necessary for deploying your project.

progressive web apps tutorial

With the ability to use Starter Kits and templates, marketers are able to start working on their app immediately, and customizing their app to their own needs. Since Lumavate is such a simple, easy to use platform, marketers will also be able to troubleshoot and improve upon their application moving forward. If you just want to convert website to progressive web app, free progressive web apps tools can help.


A progressive web app developed with React is a synergy of two outstanding technologies, which maximizes the benefits of both. Running in offline mode, Starbucks PWA allows its customers to browse the menu and customize their orders without the need to have consistent access to the Internet. Clearly, that’s extremely convenient for on-the-go customers who may not always have an Internet connection.

progressive web apps tutorial

Dreamweaver — Dreamweaver is best known as a web development suite, and it can also create a web app from any website. If an organization just wants to create a web app from their existing website, this can be a solution. As mentioned, Ionic is one of the best frameworks for PWAs, but it does require some programming knowledge. If you don’t want to learn programming, and you don’t want to have to write your own custom code, Ionic is an option.


Presence on the user’s home screen, which is essentially the most valuable digital real estate, puts your logo front-and-center and your site one click away. Presence on the user’s home screen, which is essentially the most valuable digital real estate, puts your logo front-and-center and your site just one click away. Despite the numerous amazing features, Progressive Web Apps are extremely lightweight and can operate seamlessly progressive web apps even on low-bandwidth networks. Launching marketing campaigns, informing about order progress, news—it’s a unique communication channel to help your brand become a part of your user’s every day. When you hit the Back button, rather than seeing a 404 error, a cached page with the previously retrieved data is delivered and displayed. How the requirement for Xcode 14.3 on macOS Ventura affects you and your projects.

The installation is straightforward and entails visiting a site and adding it to a device’s home screen. They are compatible with any device, regardless of screen size and specifications, i.e., Tablet, Desktop, and mobile users will view the same experience. Apps are created within the progressive enhancement principles. The ability to have the app saved on their device like a native app makes a lot of difference.

Adding a manifest

It has similar concepts to Angular and React, and is relatively simple to use in rendering and coding, especially for new developers. A progressive web app is created with the app shell model with few page refreshes, and it has an entirely native app-like look. According to Statista, there are currently about 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide who use different devices with varying connection speeds and ever-changing conditions.

  • The icons configuration should contain purpose property, and the value of that purpose property should be either maskable or any maskable.
  • It features a large JavaScript library and enables developers to share and reuse code.
  • Whenever we update our service worker, we want the old ones to be removed instead of leaving them hanging in the client’s browser.
  • The reason it’s saved in the app root is to give it access to all of the app’s files.
  • In this case, the / is the index.html file, which will include other resources, such as /js/pwa.js.
  • Some browsers, such as Chrome, are actually praising Progressive Web Apps!
  • The PostMessage method is used to send data, and the message event listener is used to receive data.

A Course helps the user understand a specific part of a concept. While a path and E-Degrees are broader aspects and help the user understand more than just a small area of the concept. Now that we’ve got something in the browser, we’ll use Google’s Lighthouse to test the app and see how well it conforms to PWA standards. Press F12 to open the developer panel in Chrome and click on the audits tab to open Lighthouse. Style.cssI’ve styled the body to fill the entire browser viewport to facilitate centering the content.


A structure like this makes implementing navigation tricky because the user can resize the window or change the orientation of the device. But you don’t want your users to see an ugly wide detail screen after resizing the window from a small to a larger size . In other words, you want the navigation to be in sync even if the user suddenly resizes the window. With this out of the way, let’s look at some things to consider while building a web application in Flutter.