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Llamalab Automate

This automation app provides users with pretty much all the features they need in order to make their Android devices a little more smart. Also, its simple menu allows users to create these actions with ease and on the go. Although the app is pretty awesome, it will require users to part with $10 in order to use it. Move from simple task automation to end-to-end orchestration of complex, human-centric business processes with Tonkean, an enterprise-grade, no-code platform for business operations. UI tests for a single app verify that the target app behaves as expected when a user performs a specific action or stops an activity. It allows you to check that the target app returned the correct UI output and response to user interactions in the app’s activities.

  • They’ve done a really good job here The best automation apps for Android with a nice, bright colour scheme to set the tone for a user-friendly interface.
  • Since the platform is Java-based, you can only run the server on operating systems that support it.
  • It only supports devices with API level 16 and above, however, that should not be a big factor or deal-breaker as most of apps these days support API level 19 and above.
  • Note that this service provides a freemium option, and you don’t need a plan to complete these examples using real devices on a cloud service.

Zoho CRM empowers 250,000+ global businesses in 180 countries to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow their revenue. It seamlessly integrates with 500+ popular business apps in a single business system. Automate is another automation application that is really popular among Android users. One of the great advantages of this app is that it has a simpler design than its competitors. The design of this application is based on flows that trigger an action based on previously determined conditions or circumstances. You start adding items to your to-do list, but they still end up being forgotten, and then you have to rush and do everything at once.

Selendroid Version 0 170 Downloads

Bitrix24 helps you plan and execute your projects on time every time. Available online and on-premise with open source code access. Collaborative task management for teams large and small. Time tracking, reminders, reporting, templates, task dependencies and more.

It will help you to get faster feedback about any potential issues and thus decrease amount of resources needed for fixing it. If that’s what you need, you could read my article about Parallel Functional Android Tests. For this test we will use one of my favorite Android apps – the highly recommended Chess Free application created by the UK based AI Factory. For this blog post, we will pretend that our test is to launch the application and click on “PLAY” button. Using proper naming conventions for tests and test-data helps you to understand what each particular test does without even looking at its content.

Best Android Automation Apps To Automate Tasks On Your Phone

Here the challenge is to figure out the framework, which is either paid or has the capability to operate and reach every UI part of the application. Also, it should have different libraries that can communicate with the backend blocks of the application under testing, such as databases or web services. Build innovative, digitally collaborative, customer-focused products and solutions using new Agile-at-scale development methodologies and automated processes. Testing is essential across various browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc. to check the app performance. Therefore, it is important to consider a tool that provides cross-browser support. Mobile apps are usually developed to support multiple geographical locations and are available in multiple languages to engage end-users.

It can also support plug-ins made for other Android applications, like Tasker and Locale. In addition to planning and publishing content, Hootsuite also helps companies engage with their audience and create connections with potential customers. Hootsuite users can monitor post performance, respond to questions, boost positive comments, and share other posts– all within the platform. With options to assign customer inquiries to specific team members and filter incoming messages based on priority, this tool has many features to increase your team’s productivity. MindMeister is a digital mind mapping tool that is perfect for everyday business situations. Mind mapping tools like MindMeister are helpful for visualizing data, planning projects, and brainstorming ideas.

This app packs a module for all the functions it supports. You can simply select a module from the list, add your preference, and create a flowchart. For some specific types of task, you might have to download the plug-ins.